Chassis Refurbishment

The foundation of your park home

All park homes rest on the metal chassis and its supporting structure. It is the foundation, and the only part of a park home, that cannot be replaced. The chassis condition and supports, therefore, are integral to the security, stability and healthy longevity of the home.

The chassis is not high maintenance but neither should it be neglected! It is subjected to many stresses and strains which a professional underfloor survey will identify.

PHCS always carry out a site survey prior to any works commencing.

Take the weight off your mind

All work carried out by PHCS comes with a 10 year guarantee and is transferable to any new ownership.

The PHCS team are recognised for their professionalism and expertise. The long standing team are highly experienced having worked on over 2000 homes. They are well known for their friendly, reliable and positive ‘can do’ approach. Always respectful of your environment, the team aims to cause minimal disruption and will leave it clean and tidy. They are proud of their work and will happily answer any questions you may have!

Main issues compromising the strength and integrity of the chassis and support function;

  • RUST (age related or salt air corrosion) Rust causes decay and weakening of the structure which can cause un-levelness, long term distortion and, worst case scenario, eventual collapse of the home. Signs of rust should ideally be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further degeneration.
  • INADEQUATE SUPPORTING As the home is updated and modernised, internally or externally, the balance of weight and distribution is changed. Insufficient supporting to accommodate these changes will affect the stability and levelness of the home.

 When is it recommended to check the chassis and supports of the home?

  • Is the park home over 10 years old?
  • Has the home undergone any major additions or alterations? (e.g. cladding, roofing, windows, bathrooms, kitchens etc.)
  • Does the home feel un-level?
  • Are any major refurbishment works planned?
  • Is the home sited within 5 miles of the coast?
  • Is the home sited in a vulnerable area? (e.g. prone to flooding)
  • Is your home exposed to the elements?
  • Does the home have ill-fitting skirting?
  • Are the floorboards creaking or squeaking
  • Are the floors feeling bouncy?

A full chassis refurbishment:

  • Removal of all surface rust on the chassis
  • Chassis metal framework re-painted with Hammerite rust inhibitor paint
  • Re-Supporting of the home
  • PHCS HD supports (PHCS own branded hot dip galvanised, NCC verified, five sizes with up to 8 tonne loading)
  • Supporting in correct locations for the required load bearing, at correct tension
  • Home levelled within the tolerances of home
  • Coach bolts tightened
  • All air vents cleared

Please contact us or call us on 0333 456 3056 if you have any concerns about your chassis or supporting structure. You can also read more about our PHCS SnuggerFLOOR underfloor insulation by clicking here.

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